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I am artist of texture and color. I enjoy working with textiles, mixed media and the graphic arts. I am an avid cottage gardener with a love for pass along plants and big fluffy pink peonies and pink roses. Many of my tangible creations reflect my love of the garden and all its wonderful colors. I have been selling my creations online since 2002 beginning as a hobby. After 10 years I quit the day job to pursue my art as a full time passion.

23 March 2012

~2012 Spring Art Challenge~

Officially open now
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you have until June 1st to complete it too

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19 March 2012

Cottage Garden Party~March

I had full intentions of sharing a seed starting method I use this month. I am fully a week behind this mid March project. I use a very frugal method these days with egg cartons on the window sill, and usually just a few tomato and sweet pepper plants. But I have not always used this method.

my greenhouse 2002
There was a time when I was really into greenhouse growing. I mean BIG TIME. I grew all my own flowers and veggies from seeds and cuttings. I took 2 years of greenhouse practices classes at our local community college...I was really really into it. I found some old pics, not very good, back then I was just learning to use a digital camera and had no idea how to correctly edit. I thought I would share a few of them since I was not ready with the frugal egg crate method...and we no longer live at the house with the greenhouse....Oh I still love to cottage garden, but I was pretty burned out when we sold that house. It truly was a lot of work. I had started my online textile art business and having both passions was just too much.

My only regrets are I wish I could have picked up that house and moved it to the little town we live in now. It was a lovely cottage style with lace curtains and floral wallpaper. When we moved my husband politely asked me if I would cut down on all the lace and florals in the new house......

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where we reside

where we reside
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