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I am artist of texture and color. I enjoy working with textiles, mixed media and the graphic arts. I am an avid cottage gardener with a love for pass along plants and big fluffy pink peonies and pink roses. Many of my tangible creations reflect my love of the garden and all its wonderful colors. I have been selling my creations online since 2002 beginning as a hobby. After 10 years I quit the day job to pursue my art as a full time passion.

20 December 2008

the wonder of it all

My sweet baby granddaughter Lynsie (14 months old) got to stay overnight nana and grandpa, and oh what a site when she woke up to a pretty blanket of white snow. She toddled her way to the window, blankie and bear bear in tow. Climbing up on her little stool to watch in amazement as the snowflakes fell, even her jammies matched the sight to behold. Alas, after a couple minutes it was old news and off to more interesting things like pulling a few ornies off the Christmas tree and terrorizing the poor kitty :(


Sherry said...

Oh who is having a fun Christmas this year?!?!? Debbi, that's who!!! I love this photograph and then how you ended it -- YES...that is what a 14 month old does!!! And she keeps you on your toes!! Just wait until next Christmas -- now won't that one be fun?!?!? :)

Mrs. Charlotte said...

How precious she is. I am so jealous, I keep telling my son I want a grandbaby and he says "Rent One". Ha. I want my own.

Have s wonderful Christmas with Lynsie.

Mrs. Charlotte

Char said...

Debbi, enjoy all the moments with her, she is a doll and time goes way too fast. Before you know it, she will be asking for a car for her 16th birthday from grandma and grandpa!!!! OH MY, Char

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