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I am artist of texture and color. I enjoy working with textiles, mixed media and the graphic arts. I am an avid cottage gardener with a love for pass along plants and big fluffy pink peonies and pink roses. Many of my tangible creations reflect my love of the garden and all its wonderful colors. I have been selling my creations online since 2002 beginning as a hobby. After 10 years I quit the day job to pursue my art as a full time passion.

17 March 2009

the first flowers of Spring

My pots of daffodils are overflowing with gorgeous blooms this year!

A girl is never too little to stop and admire the flowers! This is my 17 mo. granddaughter Lynsie, she stopped to peek at the crocus blooming on our way to the pond to feed the ducks...

Lynsie dear, the ducks are behind you!

Lynsie had to take a break, the bread was sadly all gone!


Sheila said...

Hello Debbie, it is always great to see the first flowers breaking through the soil. You know spring is on its way.. Many things here in arkansas are breaking through and waking up from a long winters nap. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I Love to see the first flowers of Spring. Ours are still in tight bud so maybe in a month we will have them open! I Love the Summer Months!!
Your Grand Daughter is adorable!!

Unknown said...

Your grand daughter is beautiful! Our flowers are not blooming yet so thanks for sharing some of yours. Esther

Anonymous said...

Cute kid, must run in the family. :o) Love ya, Lissa

Lynn said...


♥Mimi♥ said...

If she just isn't the cutest lil' gal! Isn't being a grandmother the best job you've ever had in the whole, wide world! I keep telling my children that those babies are just the best toys I've ever had!

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

What sweet pictures of your little granddaughter. Love,love,love grandchildren. What would ever do without them???

The Spring flowers look so pretty. Ours are up, but not anywhere blooming. Today is cold, windy and rainy...April showers. Thank heavens no snow!!!!

Love my new blog template!! Thank you for all your hard work!!

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