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I am artist of texture and color. I enjoy working with textiles, mixed media and the graphic arts. I am an avid cottage gardener with a love for pass along plants and big fluffy pink peonies and pink roses. Many of my tangible creations reflect my love of the garden and all its wonderful colors. I have been selling my creations online since 2002 beginning as a hobby. After 10 years I quit the day job to pursue my art as a full time passion.

14 July 2012

French cottage hall tree refurbished...

Time to share!  During the summer months I really dive into refurbishing and re-purposing as may pieces as I can fit in.

This piece was a moving sale find for $15. It needed a bit of TLC and a few minor repairs. Primed and a coat of butter yellow paint along with an antique glaze. Then new fleur de lis hangers made this piece so very French country cottage style. The mirrors I simply flipped them over and covered the back side with old newsprint scrapbook paper. So if someone wanted to have mirrors again, the option is still there.


Want to see what it looked like "before"

here it is--we took it apart to transport it--
ugly YES, but I had a vision for it, and I love the finished piece!

stay tuned, I have several other re-purposed pieces I will be sharing soon!


Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What a great piece for only $15.00!!
And what a fantastic transformation!
It came out fantastic!


Anonymous said...

Great job! ♥

Heaven's Walk said...

Beautifully and creatively done, Debbi! :)

xoxo laurie

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