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06 May 2013

a snapshot of our Hawaiian experience

Aloha! I have been back from Hawaii for a couple weeks now, seems that being gone for 2 weeks it takes another 2 weeks to catch up on things. I wanted to share some photos of our trip. We have been to Hawaii many times. It is an affordable trip if you live on the west coast as we do. It is a chance to get away and immerse ourselves in the Hawaiian traditions.

Morning walk on the beach

We are not much into going to Honolulu as it really is such a big city and a tourist trap. Many folks start there for the first trip. But I always try to recommend visiting one of the outer islands as the experience is much more laid back and certainly more "Hawaiian style". We have visited all the larger islands, each one offers its own uniqueness so I cannot be the expert to tell you really which in is the best. It really depends on what activities and lifestyle you enjoy.

Usually our Hawaii vacations take us to the Big Island of Hawaii (Kona) since it is our favorite island. But this trip we were invited by friends to join them on Maui. We couldn't bear to miss our favorite island, so we tacked on a few days at the end of this trip to visit Kona:). We visited Maui about 20 years ago when we took our school aged kids to enjoy the beaches, so this was a rediscovering of Maui for us.

morning sunrise on Maui

Upon the recommendation of a friend, we chose to stay in Maalaea which is located centrally between Kihei and Lahania. this was a nice quiet harbor area with sugar cane fields behind us and the ocean in front of us.
We were thrilled to be able to watch the humpback whales and green sea turtles right from our lanai!

We were also close to the Maui Aquarium. I got lots of good pics of the native fish of Hawaii without going snorkeling!

and those sandy beaches of Maui are abundant..this was Kamaole Beach #2 in Kihei
we put our toes in the sand and swam in the surf

A visit to the Iao valley and Iao needle, beautiful scenery

We also made a trip to some upcountry towns that had some great shopping. For some reason, I did not take pictures that day...

this is a bit of a funky pic of Jim and I--we were lucky to celebrate our 35th anniversary while in Maui. We went on a sunset dinner cruise. While I am not big on this touristy stuff, I did a bit of research on this particular one, and it was worth it...all inclusive prime rib, chicken or fish plus drinks---and they were very generous with the food plus live music and a great crew.
(the blue bracelets were touristy tho signaling our dinner choice)
Sunset wasn't great on this particular night, but everything else made up for it.

!0 days in Maui has ended and we hopped a puddle jumper plane to the Big Island of Hawaii. I knw the plane was smaller--but this plane only held 8 passengers! It was an Indiana Jones type of experience, but really I was surprised how smooth the ride was.

The pilot told us we could take pics so I snapped away. the best part was we flew lower than the jets do so the view was awesome. The bay you see in the above picture is Maalaea Bay were we stayed.

Below pic is over Kihei and Wailiea, some of Maui's best beaches

After landing on the Big Island (our fave) there are a few things that are must do right away after getting settled in our condo.

Local mangos from the farmers market. These are "golden globes" and once you have tasted one, you will be forever spoiled. The little apple bananas and local pineapple are must haves too:)

First stop for Jim is happy hour at his fave hangout in Kailua village. Birds nest view of what's going on below.

a few pics from our lanai in Kona

The beaches are mostly rocky here, but there are some white sand swimming beaches too.

ahhh  yes, a Kona sunset

 there is nothing better than having liquid aloha at the Kona brew co. 

 Kailua-Kona has lots of waterfront restaurants. this is one of our faves too
Bubba Gumps. 
It was our last night in Hawaii and we were able to meet up with my cousin who lives there for a wonderful farewell evening. Our dream is someday to be able to live on the Big island at least half of the year, maybe even full time. We love the islands.

a hui hou!


Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Hi Debbi,
What breath taking pictures! All so beautiful that I felt like I was there with you two.
Hubby has been to Hawaii several times, but not I. It is on my bucket list!
Thank you for the wonderful journey!
♥ Jil

Kat said...

Hi Deb. Those pictures are so beautiful. I am so glad you had a wonderful time and Happy Anniversary to you.

sweet violets said...

What great pics....looks like the two of you enjoyed yourselves.....happy smiles!!!

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