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I am artist of texture and color. I enjoy working with textiles, mixed media and the graphic arts. I am an avid cottage gardener with a love for pass along plants and big fluffy pink peonies and pink roses. Many of my tangible creations reflect my love of the garden and all its wonderful colors. I have been selling my creations online since 2002 beginning as a hobby. After 10 years I quit the day job to pursue my art as a full time passion.

30 May 2010

Our adventure in the Caribbean Day 8 & 9

I combined St. Lucia and Antiqua ports of call since I really didnt have the opportunity to take a lot of photos. Our excursion on St. Lucia took most of the day, so what we were able to see of the actual island was limited.
 I took this pic at day break just as we were puling into port at St Lucia

We took a fun ride to a private island on the same pirate ship that was used in Pirates of the Caribbean! On the beach where we docked was right next to one of the exclusive Sandals and Windjammer resorts. We were fed lunch and had a treasure hunt too.

The next day our port was Antiqua. It was a rainy (but warm of course), so we decided to hire a cabby to take us on an island tour. This guy was quite a character!

We drove over to the other side of the island, coming upon a most beautiful bay, with a bit of shopping too

Last, but not least, our driver found us the most beautiful white sand beach that was almost empty, and it was time for a cold local brew beer--do we look like we need one here?
On the way back we stopped on a hill and snapped this of the town and our ship at the port, then off to do some shopping--lots of local vendors here and some wheeling and dealing could be made!

I hope you enjoyed! Next will be the islands of St. Maartan and St. Croix....

29 May 2010

Our adventure in the Caribbean Day 7

Port of call for Day 7--Barbados! Ahhh, now this is truly the beautiful ocean and white sand beaches I have seen in the magazines! Now I will say that they drive on the "other side" and not the "wrong side" of the road on these islands. I would catch myself several times thinking--hey get over! You are gonna hit head on that car!

We started our day out on Barbados with a snorkel trip. We were taken to a bay of sunken shipwrecks, which we found out many were placed there simply to enhance the snorkel adventure. The water was warm and lots to see underwater. Although I do have to say that it still doesn't top the snorkeling in Hawaii.

Not the big mountains that you usually see on islands, but rolling hills, and so beautiful. A bit of trivia here--there are 365 churches on this small island! 

I hope you enjoyed Barbados! Next I will bring you the next two ports of call Antiqua and St. Lucia

27 May 2010

Our adventure in the Caribbean Days 4-5

After leaving Key West, we flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico to board our cruise ship--the Serenade of the Seas in the Royal Caribbean line. Now everything went very smoothly considering none of us in our party had ever been on a cruise. I was a little worried about getting sea sick, so I did take motion sickness pills along. I never did get sea sick the entire trip.

 Our cabin was on Deck 8 right at the center of the ship

Holy crap! this looking down 4 decks at the centrum!
 We spent our first day and a half out at sea headed towards Barbados, our first Port of call. We had time to explore the ship, eat, sleep, lay by the pool and discover all the activities offered. Our travel agent surprised us with a bottle of champange, beautiful fruit plate and $75 ship credit.

Coming tomorrow--our stop in Barbados!

26 May 2010

Our adventure in the Caribbean Day 1-4

Finally----as I promised I would share some highlights of our 2010 vacation with you. I came home a week ago with a nasty cold I picked up, so just getting thru the last week was a challenge. I am rested, refreshed, and now over that yucky stuff, so here we go! We stopped so many places, that I have decided to divide the posts into segments, so keep following in your dashboard to see everything!

First stop was Key West for Days 1 thru 4. Of course the first day was ALL traveling 11 hours of it. We landed at the small Key West airport on a 20 seat prop plane (our connection from Ft. Lauderdale) just at sunset and it was fabulous~but the humidity was a shock at first for us Pacific Northwest folks We have been to Key West before, but only for an afternoon as we stayed further north in the Keys, we vowed we would come back, and I think we will go back again someday!

Didn't take long to get to our condo, and a cold beer! The next morning, It was a treat to take to Smather's beach, which was just across the street from the condo. This was so beautiful!

After some sun, it was time to head into the heart of Key West and experience this party central place! If you love to have fun, this is the place to bar hop, and eat some of the most wonderful food. Not to be missed-
Ernest Hemmingway's bar--Sloppy Joe's
Mallory Square at Sunset for the local entertainment
A sunset cruise 
Some serious shopping
Some seriously good local food
 Key Lime pie
Some fabulous rum drinks

Cinco de Mayo at Sloppy Joes!

the fun is just starting at Mallory Square as seen from the boat
I could live in this house!

Jim and I on our sunset cruise

Just a sampling shown here--hope you enjoyed--watch next for our first day on our very first Caribbean Cruise!

20 May 2010

Just had to share...

These latest pics of my two granddaughters

Lynsie Jean 2 1/2 years

 Lilian Grace 4 weeks

18 May 2010

Vintage Alphabet Party

This month the letters are
G and H for the Etsy Cottage Style Blog party!

For the letter "G", I am using the GIFT TAGS I have digitally created from vintage images

 For the letter "H" I am using HANGERS that I created using vintage doilies and embroidery

Want to play too?? Hop over to the Etsy Cottage Style Blog!

03 May 2010

Cruisin....Bon Voyage!

I found these wonderful old postcards depicting cruising in the tropics, and guess what!
That is exactly where I am headed:)

We will stay in Key West, Florida for 3 days then fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico where will board our ship for an 8 night cruise of the southern Caribbean

Ports of call include Barbados, St. Maartan, St. Croix, and St. Lucia.
You won't see me back here until at least May 18th! I vowed I would take a break from my computer. I will have my lap top with me, but it will only be to check email for my website and local destinations I am visiting for information. I will take lots of pics too!

Bon Voyage my friends!

01 May 2010

Happy May Day!

 It's May Day and here is a bit of it's history!

May Day was once, in its earliest days of glory, quite a celebrated date. It was marked by plenty of dancing, singing, and merriment. This holiday was often symbolized by the colorful new growth of spring. It was an early tradition for the youngsters of Europe to carry fresh flowers and boughs and to visit neighborhood houses. They would sing songs that commemorated the arrival of springtime too. People typically decorated their homes with fresh flowers, green leaves, and tree branches. And, May Poles were a common sight on this holiday. Some considered the poles to represent the "tree of life." They were erected in the town squares in order to mark the presence of spring as well as the coming of summer when all of the trees, flowers, and crops would be growing heartily in the light of the golden sunshine. The May Poles were usually trees that had been cut down in the forests. The branches were removed, and the trees were then carried into town. Brightly colored ribbons were then attached to the tops of the trees. The youngsters took turns grabbing a ribbon and dancing around the poles as part of their May Day celebration. Some cultures believed that the winding of the ribbons around the May Poles was an attempt at helping Nature remain in balance after the long, cold winter, and continue its plush green growth cycle. The youngsters would wind the ribbons together in a colorful pattern. The youngsters also held an annual election in which they selected a May Day King and Queen who were then supposed tp preside over the days events.

Help yourself to these lovely images-my gift to you for May Day!
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