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26 May 2010

Our adventure in the Caribbean Day 1-4

Finally----as I promised I would share some highlights of our 2010 vacation with you. I came home a week ago with a nasty cold I picked up, so just getting thru the last week was a challenge. I am rested, refreshed, and now over that yucky stuff, so here we go! We stopped so many places, that I have decided to divide the posts into segments, so keep following in your dashboard to see everything!

First stop was Key West for Days 1 thru 4. Of course the first day was ALL traveling 11 hours of it. We landed at the small Key West airport on a 20 seat prop plane (our connection from Ft. Lauderdale) just at sunset and it was fabulous~but the humidity was a shock at first for us Pacific Northwest folks We have been to Key West before, but only for an afternoon as we stayed further north in the Keys, we vowed we would come back, and I think we will go back again someday!

Didn't take long to get to our condo, and a cold beer! The next morning, It was a treat to take to Smather's beach, which was just across the street from the condo. This was so beautiful!

After some sun, it was time to head into the heart of Key West and experience this party central place! If you love to have fun, this is the place to bar hop, and eat some of the most wonderful food. Not to be missed-
Ernest Hemmingway's bar--Sloppy Joe's
Mallory Square at Sunset for the local entertainment
A sunset cruise 
Some serious shopping
Some seriously good local food
 Key Lime pie
Some fabulous rum drinks

Cinco de Mayo at Sloppy Joes!

the fun is just starting at Mallory Square as seen from the boat
I could live in this house!

Jim and I on our sunset cruise

Just a sampling shown here--hope you enjoyed--watch next for our first day on our very first Caribbean Cruise!


deb said...

Ah what memories you have brought back! Key West was my fav vacation.
Coast Gueard has guest housing for active duty so we took advantage of it during our staion at Miami.
Loved Sloppy Joes. Back when we were there, '80's, there was a dog that would lay just outside the door. They would place a sign on him that said..."100% genuine dog" LOL silly but funny.
Looks like you had a great time there too. Everyone's so laid back..maybe cuz their half drunk? LOL Fun times!

BTW, I have an award for you in my blog ☺☺

Shirley said...

The sunset was absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us. I will anxiously be waiting to see the next set of pictures. Have a wonderful day.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Looks like you had a great time !
Will look forward to seeing/hearing more.

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