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16 December 2011

baking with nana with new aprons

I have to admit, even tho I spend most of my time at my sewing machine creating for my business, I had someone custom make aprons for my granddaughters....I was poking around etsy one evening and stumbled on this listing for the cutest old fashioned ruffled aprons I had ever seen. Mind you this is not a seller who specializes exclusively in aprons, she made one and it was so cute thought she would offer them up for sale. So I really felt a lot of person heart went into these. And I was not disappointed! The attention to detail was incredible--as one who sews too, I do notice the little extras.
So we all got our aprons on today and baked cookies. The aprons are a little big this year, but I know they will last a few years and will have lots of good memories for all of us.

I had a hard time getting anyone to pose for pics....Lilian would not put this toothbrush down....

Then I get these silly faces....I think the younger one is in charge today..

Then the nut grinder became more important..go I gave up..

Below is a pic of Lynsie and Lilian with their mommy and daddy
my daughter Alissa and husband John

 at the very bottom of this blog are some updated pics of the girls, I did not realize that I had not updated them for over a year!


Linda Carole Bloom said...

Those aprons are so CUTE! I haven't made any bib aprons yet. And speaking of aprons, I'm going to be featured in the next issue of apronology !!! Am so excited.
Those are the cutest kids - I love the one with the nutgrinder! I have been sewing a lot too - am making some teddies right now, then no sewing until January - which now that I think of it, is only a couple weeks away. Hope you have a lovely Christmas, Linda

Anonymous said...

Sweetness! I REALLY need to get aprons for my Lizzy and Becky! ♥

Carrie@comfortablycarriedaway said...

Glad you got to bake with the grandbabies...I have been to sick to accomplish anything so far. We'll have to plan another lunch once I get to feeling better. Have a great holiday!

Anonymous said...

Oh Debbi, I think the best photos are the unplanned ones~ I love the one of her playing with the grinder. I know they had so much fun that day especially wearing the adorable aprons their Nana gave them. I am like you too....I had to chuckle....because I am a sewer too and make the girls special clothes but I am guilty of buying from Etsy too. Too cute to pass up! I hope you and yours have the merriest Christmas ever. xoxo

Shannon said...

Those aprons are adorable!

Carol Lima said...

their aprons are cute :) And they are cute also :)

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