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26 May 2013


I have always been fascinated with the uniqueness of doors. Doors are an entry way to a new or different view. Most don't notice the door, they only anticipate what is on the other side.

I keep my camera handy in our travels and snap a pic whenever I see one that is interesting...

  This was taken at the Oregon coast at an abandoned storefront. The weathered chippy and shabby coastal colors fascinated me. My hubby thought I was a little crazy

 I saw this door in Northern California. It had to be the narrowest I have ever seen. Just a little over 2 feet wide.

The tallest door that was an average door width.The handle looks low, but it isn't. This was taken at the restored Tallman Inn at Upper Lake, Ca.

A few years ago we took a southern Caribbean cruise that departed San Juan Puerto Rico which in Old San Juan is know for it's unique doors...

I loved how the doors were different on each floor of this building in San Juan

this last door is in Paris.
The photo was taken by Pam of the Plucky Maidens, she was gracious to let me borrow her picture

Hope you enjoyed my "door tour" I am sure there will be more in our summer travels to share with you.

until then.....


Anonymous said...

I wonder what was up with that skinny door?! Too funny- but the perfect blue. :)

Carol Roll said...

Wow that is a skinny door! Love the pics.

Wilson Joseph said...

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