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I am artist of texture and color. I enjoy working with textiles, mixed media and the graphic arts. I am an avid cottage gardener with a love for pass along plants and big fluffy pink peonies and pink roses. Many of my tangible creations reflect my love of the garden and all its wonderful colors. I have been selling my creations online since 2002 beginning as a hobby. After 10 years I quit the day job to pursue my art as a full time passion.

27 December 2008

Countin it down

Well folks, 2008 is almost over! And each year I look forward to staying healthy and not thinking about being one year older....I look forward to the rebirth of spring and all the beautiful colors to come even tho winter has just begun. I cherish the love that Valentines Day brings and the ode to the green 4 leaf clover of St Patrick's Day--but I am getting ahead of myself here!!! But I have been in the Valentine mode for a couple weeks now, busy stitching up pretties and listing them on my website. Not to far behind will be a few pretties on etsy too. If you get a chance pop over and take a peek!

20 December 2008

the wonder of it all

My sweet baby granddaughter Lynsie (14 months old) got to stay overnight nana and grandpa, and oh what a site when she woke up to a pretty blanket of white snow. She toddled her way to the window, blankie and bear bear in tow. Climbing up on her little stool to watch in amazement as the snowflakes fell, even her jammies matched the sight to behold. Alas, after a couple minutes it was old news and off to more interesting things like pulling a few ornies off the Christmas tree and terrorizing the poor kitty :(

14 December 2008

The angel in my tree...updated pics 12-17

...I finally got my 13 ft Oregon Grand fir tree decorated (took 2 days and lots of teetering from the ladder) and this angel is 12 ft almost at the top.Unfortunately my photography is not like in the magazines, I just could not capture the beauty of this tree. Unusual topper you say?? Well, this is my version of a tree I saw at the Oregon Garden Resort lodge and it so intrigued me. My hubby says it looks like some weeds growing in the tree LOL. It is actually lovely dried grass that has added sparkle to it that the camera could not capture
I had to change my blog clothes at least once for the season, shedding the blue shabby chic for the traditional Victorian garb..I hope you enjoy!

09 December 2008

All Christmas items on sale at my website

Just in time to finish your Christmas decorating! All the Christmas items are ON SALE at my website! Marionberry Cottage . And to sweeten the deal, I will ship your total purchase~no matter how much you buy~for only ~~FIVE BUCKS~~(applies to Christmas items only)

Make sure to make a note in your checkout message box that you saw this on my blog and I will send you an adjusted invoice.

Happy Holidays!

06 December 2008

We have a winner!

Today was the day for the drawing of the lovely lavender gift set celebrating the grand opening of my website!
Congratulations to JILL RUSKAMP

01 December 2008

Last chance for Grand opening specials and the giveaway

Good cyber Monday to all!! This is the last week to save on my website with the grand opening special discount. And while you are there sign up for this lovely giveaway!

Shop and sign up over at Marionberry Cottage today!
Drawing will be held on December 6th

29 November 2008

Cottage style shopping!

Click on the pic to go there!

Christmas and holiday shopping at it's best on the Etsy Cottage Style blog! This wonderful group of etsy sellers is showcasing their talent on the blog until mid December. Make sure to stop by and shop, and leave a comment!

27 November 2008

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration!

14 November 2008

It's open!! GRAND OPENING!!!

FINALLY--my new website is off and running! I am celebrating with a GRAND OPENING SPECIAL--check it out and please sign the guestbook or leave a comment while you are over there~ it means a lot~ and if you see something you like BUY IT!!


I will still have my etsy shops. There are many items on the website that are not in my etsy shop, so for best selection always check my website first.

02 November 2008

I finshed the Challenge!

...and here it is....

I had seen a version of this pillow done in the traditional colors quite some time ago and always wanted to make one. Since I was the author of this challenge, it seemed the perfect time to to dive into this project that I kept putting off every year. So here it is for all you whole LOVE PINK and the cottage Christmas style. I have it listed for sale in my etsy shop~just click on the photo to get there

28 October 2008

Can you believe it??

I just had to share:)
I went to my cottage garden to continue the fall clean up task this afternoon--it usually takes me at least 4-5 visits to get it done :(
Believe it or not I picked these roses today! Yes, October 28! Here in the Pacific Northwest we have had some awesome Indian summer weather with temps close to 70f. The cool nights have brought out the best pinks of the whole season. These are David Austin roses--Glamis Castle, Mary Rose and Princess Marianna.

23 October 2008

Calling all those with a fabric obsession....

Elisabeth Grace and Company

A friend of mine in my ebay group RASPBERRY ROSE SELLERS CLUB is sadly closing her shop soon, but you an take advantage of her great prices on Mary Rose, Amy Butler, Free Spirit and so many more gorgeous fabrics...please go buy some before I do..trust me I already bought most of the farm....ha ha--Click in the pic to get there!!

21 October 2008

This weeks excitement....

I was invited to particpate in The Holiday Showcase in Portland Oregon... this is quite an honor, since I was selected by another etsy member (who is the owner of this event company) here in my home state of Oregon. I have NEVER--I repeat NEVER have done a show before! I have always sold only online since this was my "hobby" job. I am still in a tither whether I should do this. I have had lots of good feedback from my friends in the ebay group I belong to which has really helped. I kind of feel I am a bit out of my league here! I thought I would post a few pics of the venue I was invited to~~It is an historical home so you can see why I am a bit intimidated!

I have until Friday to decide, I want to have an experienced friend help me, but the event company wants to jury her in before they will allow her--this is scary I tell ya!

06 October 2008

some new garden pics

Many of you who have known me for a while, have discovered my other passion--cottage gardening. My cottage garden has suffered this year, because (as I joke now--but it wasn't funny when it happened) Dr. Death paid a visit in early spring. He hates me to tell the story, but my other half (DH Jim) thought he would help out and spray weed preventer in my cottage garden. Nothing else to say other than it has taken all season to get things back to normal, and he stays at least 6 feet from the edge of my gardens.

But now, on the eve of the rainy season, the cottage garden is glorious and even this young first year clematis perked a few blooms. When I took these pics, it had just finished a rain shower, so everything was so beautiful and colorful!

28 September 2008

One door closes and another opens

I have renamed my ebay shop!

As many of you know, I have sold for 7 years on Ebay as Cottage*Garden*Treasures. I have been very successful in that venue for many years and have many faithful and loyal customers. At the beginning of 2008, I reached a crossroads, deciding to "spread my wings" to Etsy and blogging. It has been an incredible journey the last 8 months. I have decided to bring my ebay ID inline with my etsy ID.
While my focus is now mainly on etsy, I will still have listings on ebay from time to time.

When I went to name my shop so I chose MARIONBERRY COTTAGE since that is my most fave hands down blackberry. What I soon found out is that many outside the Pacific Northwest had no clue what a marionberry was! I was asked if I named my shop after the Washington DC guy, or do I know someone named "Marion". Well now I am on a mission to educate everyone just what a MARIONBERRY is...I did a feature on it last summer and you can find it in my archives. So bear with me as I get everything changed over--it has been a bit more of an untaking than I planned!

Here is the "official" description of the Marionberry--direct from the Oregon Berry Commssion

Fresh season is typically July 10 - August 10.

  • A native Oregonian. A cross between Chehalem blackberry and Olallieberry blackberry.
  • Medium-sized (5.0g) dark red to black berry with a medium seed and central receptacle.
  • Known as the “Cabernet of Blackberries” for its complex, rich earthy flavor.
  • Bred at Oregon State University and raised primarily in Oregon.
  • Named after Marion County, Oregon
  • Oregon produces 28-33 million pounds annually.

16 September 2008

Aren't they precious!

I just got these photos and had to share! This is my daughter Alissa and my granddaughter Lynsie, 10 1/2 months old. Lynsie was a bit of a pill for this photo shoot so I hear! There were probably 100+ proofs and it was hard to decide. Here is one and the rest are full size down at the very bottom of the page.

14 September 2008

A gorgeous morning glory

Click on the pic to see just how many colors these flowers have! INCREDIBLE

Now normally I am not a fan of Morning glories as they can be a pest, twirling and tangling up the other flowers nearby, reseeding everywhere. I have not planted them in several years, but I ran across an envelope of several small packets of hand gathered seeds that an ebay buyer I made friends with sent me 2 years ago...I completely forgot about them. I thought --what the heck--and threw them in a skinny flower bed next to the house.

To my amazement, this is the beauty I got (even tho they still tangled in the other flowers). Another she sent me--that I never heard of here in Oregon--was "Kiss me over the garden gate". they are just now starting to bloom and I will take some pics soon of those. From what I read, these reseed freely too! I guess I won't have to worry about this little skinny flower bed anymore, huh???

08 September 2008

NO--I don't mow the lawn, but this image reminds me of my fave time of the year---

Well we are eeking out the last days of summer here in Oregon with gorgeous sunny warm weather. My roses are still blooming beautifully and and my cottage garden is chock full of a second round of delphiniums and sweet williams, the hollyhocks are almost done, but the snapdragons, babys breath and cosmos are still in all their glory. I love summer and I hate to see it end.

01 September 2008

Going to try Ebay just a little bit

Hello Friends

Just a quick note that I am back on ebay listing on a limited basis again in October. This last week was a bust! To be very frank, ebay is no longer fun as a selling venue. I won't be negative about ebay, but~BUT ETSY IS MORE FUN~so I will be focusing my efforts in my shops at Etsy. Since last February I have sold on Etsy and have made so many new friends, both buyers and sellers. Even tho there is no auction format for those who like that venue, at Etsy I am able to offer some special sales in the way of free shipping, hot buys, and percent off discounts. If you are not already on my mailing list, email me thru this blog and I will put you on it, as some of my specials only go out to those on my mailing list!
So make sure to visit not only my ebay listings, but also my etsy shops..all the links are on the left hand side of this page!

17 August 2008


The winner of my sweet pink roses tea cup pin cushion drawing was Loralynn
She is also a talented etsy seller, check out her blog and etsy shop too

I had over 30 entires for this drawing--thanks so much for all who entered. Many of you got extra entries (including our winner) for either purchasing from my etsy shop or placing the giveaway badge on their blog.

Stay tuned for the next giveaway in September!

31 July 2008

August Giveaway


Simply beautiful~~ A Pink roses tea cup pin cushion is the free giveaway for August! Accents of satin roses, pearls and even a vintage rhinestone button! Comes with 3 satin and rhinestone roses pins~~ Wonderful vintage cottage decor!


There 3 ways to be eligible for this giveaway- No purchase is necessary

1. A purchase from any of my online shops in the left hand column gets you 2 entries for every item purchased.

2. Email me directly and request to be included in the drawing if you do not have a blog. My email address is at the top left column.

3. Sign up through the comments section
*If you insert the badge below in your blog You get a double entry!

23 July 2008

Marionberry season!

Marionberries are in season here in Oregon and since my Etsy shop is named MARIONBERRY COTTAGE, I am celebrating in both my shops!

To see the feature I did on the marionberry, for its history and trivia pop over to the Etsy Cottage Style Blog

19 July 2008

I picked a gorgeous bouquet!

I just had to share! My David Austin roses are blooming so beautifully right now and the baby's breath is too. I was out early this morning and could not resist! I grabbed one of my treasured Laura Ashley vase and voila! Now I am not floral arranger, but it doesn't take much with such pretty roses....

17 July 2008

Another gorgeous summer day!

It's my day off from the not so favorite day job! I am in such a good mood this morning-- it is a beautiful summer day here in western Oregon. The raspberries and marionberries are ripe for the picking and I am headed out to pick my lot! We will indulge on many fresh berries, but most will go in the freezer to enjoy during the winter.

Since I couldn't get a lot of interest in the Summer Porch Challenge--well---I am just going to challenge myself and decorate my porch and patio!! Anyone else that emails me with pics by July 31, I will feature you here too!

07 July 2008

I am very honored!

Another Monday morning back to the ol grind, and there was a wonderful surprise on this beautiful summer day here in Oregon!

I am so very grateful to Char for her thoughtfulness in selecting me for this, my first award as an artist and blogger. WOW! My appreciation runs deep and my smile stretches from ear to ear! Thank you again my dear friend.

Now I have the honor of selecting some other inspirational artists to pass this award along to. I would like to bestow this award to some of my wonderful friends in the Etsy Cottage Style ning since they are such talented artists:

Lynda, Lynn, Mimi, Sherry, Barbara, Susan, Tiffani/Dena

The rules for receiving this award are:
1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

06 July 2008


The winner of the strawberry necklace is Judygr64

Congratulations Judy!

Stay tuned for the next giveaway that will held in late July to coincide with a feature on


If anyone out there would like to have their summer porch featured here, please email me.
I am looking for good quality photos of inviting comfy porches with lots of color!

03 July 2008

Last chance to sign up for the giveaway prize!

Yep, LAST CHANCE--drawing to be held JULY 6th! Sign up for the giveaway in the comment section of the Celebrating the strawberry season feature. Some of the feature items are already sold, but you can still take advantage of the others. Today I am posting a sweet tote that I designed with vintage Wilendur strawberries tablecloth fabric.
If you mention you saw it in my blog in your checkout, I will take 25% off the listed price!

Click here to go to the listing

22 June 2008

Celebrating the season with STRAWBERRIES

I love the fresh Oregon strawberries June brings. I surfed Etsy to bring you the seasons best Etsy sellers are offering. Enjoy and scroll down to the bottom to sign up for the free strawberry giveaway!

Click on the sellers name to go directly to the listing!

doezhart - These vintage salt and pepper shakers are retro cottage chic!

sweetandtranquil - This is beautiful soap!

luckychelle7 - sweet tags, perfect for the season!

CozyMoments - Pamper yourself with strawberries and cream!

erasistble - My grandaughter needs a pair of these--they are soooo cute!

LaBerge - Oh my, she just lives a few miles from me! Oregon strawberries no doubt!

tinarie - This is a pretty apron! So cottage sweet!

aromafields - Yummm--I will bet this smells yummy!
---So very retro cottage style!

This a beautiful heavy ceramic one inch strawberry attached to a 30" chain. $25.00 value. Sign up thru the comments section--Drawing to be held July 6th.


17 June 2008

Apple pie by Susan Rios

Every so often I will be adding another of my favorite artists work--SUSAN RIOS--Her cottage style and detail is amazing!

I have just added some new items in BOTH my etsy stores---BLOG BANNERS in Cottage Garden Banners and some really sweet totes in Marionberry Cottage. As I have stated before I am really limiting my ebay listings because the fees are just outrageous!
Please post your comments here on what you would like to see for the fall season!


10 June 2008

Is it June already?

my fave artist--Susan Rios--

Well yes, and I still have not completely updated this blog--but be patient with me! I did get the new banner made, but the template sucks eggs-- I have switched into my "cottage gardening" mode and have been planting flowers like crazy since we have had such a late spring...but standby--I will catch up!

28 May 2008

The gateway to summer is here!

Well the holiday has come and gone--back to biz in the old cottage! I have opened another shop on etsy!! COTTAGE GARDEN BANNERS--for those who need a banner, avatar of logo--take a peek!
Watch for new look an my blog page--
I am going to incorporate both my ebay and etsy business to "All things Cottage". The store names will stay the same, only this page changes! Watch for a super cute FREEBIE when I lauch the page too!
Have a great week!

19 May 2008



I am taking a short break from ebay until after Memorial Day. Lets not forget the true meaning of this holiday. But it is also the time to be with family and have some fun and welcome the summer season

For those of you who made it to my blog---there is a SECRET BOGO SALE for you in my ETSY store thru MONDAY 5-26.


Just mention "secret bogo" in your paypal payment and I will refund the difference promptly.

*half off of lower priced item
*excludes shipping


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